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James Martin weight loss: How he dropped nearly 4st without dieting or exercise

James Martin lost weight and got fit when he competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2005. After fluctuating for some years after, he found a method that allows him to eat delicious foods and get slim at the same time.

In 2018, celebrity chef James Martin told the Sun that he had dropped around a stone in weight.

He revealed that he had become self-critical of his size when watching himself on TV.

The chef went on to lose a further two stone and three pounds.

But how did he do it?

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For passionate foodie James, giving up his favourite treats was not the way to go.

The chef often praises the decadent ingredient butter and even has a book dedicated to it.

Instead, James changed his drinking habits.

He stated: “Water is key.”


What’s more, filling up on water rather than fizzy drinks is obviously a less calorific option.

Drinking water also increases the amount of calories a person burns, known as resting energy expenditure.

According to a study, resting energy expenditure increases by between 24 and 30 percent within 10 minutes of drinking water, with the effects of this lasting an hour.

Of course, while cutting down on fizzy drinks and consuming plenty of water are great weight loss steps, it is also important to make time for exercise and eat well.

James Martin previously told The Herald: “A good healthy diet is a combination of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and with exercise you’ll keep the weight off.”



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