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Joe Biden caught with 8-point 'cheat sheet' with instructions to 'take seat' in meeting

The US President was filmed holding a piece of paper which clearly outlined what he should do in a televised meeting with wind industry executives. The 79-year-old was instructed to speak to specific people and to thank them before leaving. The eight-point plan referred to President Biden as “YOU” throughout.

News of the sheet has sparked concerns the US President has “serious cognitive failure”.

Sky News Australia’s presenter Peta Credlin said: “These cheat sheets aren’t big detail but they say things like say hello to participants.

“This says to me he has serious cognition failure. I think it’s extraordinary.”

Radio broadcaster Luke Grant added: “The final line should have been, ‘please don’t hold this sheet up so the media get it on the camera’.

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“I feel it’s a little unkind but there is clear decline and to think you need an instruction sheet when you’re a foot away from a big button.”

It comes just two years after Mr Biden released a medical assessment which describes him as “healthy and vigorous”.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor of The George Washington University released a three-page medical summary of president’s health.



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