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Kamala Harris left viewers fuming after 'incoherent' speech – 'Wasteful gibberish'

Wednesday’s meeting commemorated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the countries.

The Vice President said the two leaders discussed new efforts to help Jamaica recover from the pandemic, crime prevention efforts, the environment and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ms Harris said: “We also recognise, just as it has been in the United States for Jamaica.

“One of the issues that has been present as an issue, economic in the way of its impact, has been the pandemic.

“So that end we are announcing today, also that we will assist Jamaica in Covid recovery.

“By assisting in terms of the recovery effort in Jamaica that have been essential to what, I believe, is necessary to strengthen not only the issue of public health but also the economy.”

Ms Harris’s speech was lambasted by Twitter users.

One Twitter user wrote: “Such wasteful gibberish especially when one considers the significance of the passage of time.

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User @BksClark wrote: “My Tax dollars at work….. 100 million dollar checks going elsewhere and not our backyard.”

Another, @Cognetta74, added: “She actually makes Biden sound coherent.”

While @cellardogg wrote: “Is she speaking Jamaican?”



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