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Kate and Prince William told to 'go back to what Diana did' to make monarchy 'relevant'

A media expert has told Australian TV that the aides around Kate and William have not done enough to make the royal couple “relevant in the post-Facebook and streaming era.” It comes after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were criticised for aspects of the couple’s tour of the Caribbean, with some pointing out strong colonial overtones.

Telamon Consulting Director Todd Hayward told Sky News Australia: “Look, they need to start spinning because they haven’t changed the protocol or the schedule for a royal visit for about 100 years.

“The Royals have not done enough and the people around them have not done enough to make them relevant in the post-Facebook and streaming era as well.

“Back in the days when we grew up, there were three TV channels, the world was simpler.

“The royals were so relevant, but now they are competing with all the other royal families, the Kardashians.”

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He added: “So they need to do something I think my opinion is back to what Diana did because she actually forged a connection with people.

“What are they doing for the people of Jamaica?”

It comes after the Education Secretary said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Caribbean tour was on the receiving end of “Twitter outrage”

Nadhim Zahawi, asked on LBC whether he felt William and Kate’s royal tour had an “unfortunate hark back to colonial times”, said: “No, I don’t believe that.

“I believe the tour has been a fantastic outreach for the prince and his wife. 

“They have done a tremendous job.”

When told there appeared to have been some “local difficulties” during the trip, the Cabinet minister added: “I don’t agree, but some of that is the Twitter outrage.

“You had (England football player) Raheem Sterling shaking hands with the same kids that Prince William and Catherine shook hands with and one is headlined as a wonderful outreach programme and the other is headlined differently, so I don’t buy that.”

He continued: “I think we should be proud of the Commonwealth.

“I think Prince William was very wise to say, actually it is up to the Commonwealth countries if they feel they want him to be the head of the Commonwealth.

“I think that will strengthen the Commonwealth, not weaken it.

“And I think Prince Charles will make a great king, as will Prince William.”



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