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Kate and William have romantic reason for avoiding PDA, says expert – 'Deep connection'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tend to keep a distance during public events, limiting contact to an occasional hand on the back. The Cambridges instead tend to exchange cheeky grins and subtle looks when together at royal engagements or out in public.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, the royal couple tend to avoid contact because their deep “bond” means they have nothing to prove.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror on behalf of Slingo, Mr Stanton said that the Cambridges had a “deep connection”.

He said: “She and William are a pair that appear so connected on a deeper level that they don’t need to be showing continuous signs of reciprocal liking – like tactileness or prolonged eye contact – during public outings to prove they have a deep connection.

“It is noticeably visible without the need for the couple to indulge in overzealous PDAs and is testament to why Kate and William have the confidence to attend events as individuals as much as they do as a couple.”

Mr Stanton then went on to discuss the Cambridges outing to the All England Club on Tuesday to watch the Wimbledon Quarter Finals.

He argued that the couple had so much practice with public engagements they were able to operate as separate parts of the same unit nonverbally.

He said: “For instance, Kate, walking across the bridge as she arrived to the grounds, displayed the same level of confidence solo as she did when sat alongside William in the stands.

“It’s interesting, as the couple were in complete unison with their behaviour while spectating.

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Speaking to The Daily Express, Ms James argued that the Duke and Duchess showed “empathy” and “synchronicity” through their body language at the event.

She said: “Not only did they provide a sweet gesture by inviting Arthur Vestey into their carriage at Ascot, Kate and William also sent out some equally sweet clues about their current relationship via their gestures and facial expressions as they rode side by side in the carriage.

“On the hottest day of the year and wearing a rather heavy suit and top hat, William was all smiles.

“However, he also performed several lip-licking gestures to suggest those smiles might have taken just a little bit more effort in the heat.

“He and Kate have always shown high levels of subliminal empathy and synchronicity via their mirrored body language and it was cute to see that, along with their matching waves, Kate was also performing an unusually exaggerated lip-licking ritual.”



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