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Kate Middleton’s solo trip to Denmark exposes ‘anxious gesture’, says body language expert

In a message on the Cambridge’s Twitter account, Kate said: “Denmark is a beacon of best practice in its approach to the early years, with a culture which prioritises the best start in life.” The trip was the first time the Duchess has taken her work on the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood abroad as well as it being her first solo-trip.

The Duchess visited the University of Copenhagen to find out about the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project where she met with health visitors and researchers.

Kate will be representing the Queen while she is in Denmark and will be spending time with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary.

Body language expert Judi James has analysed the Duchess on her trip so far, and has concluded that while the Duchess seems confident overall, she does display points of anxiety.

Speaking to OK! Ms James said: “There are only a couple of gestures that hint at any potential feelings of nerves or any suggestion of anxiety about the current crisis in the royal Firm back home.”

Judi said: “In one pose, Kate has both hands on the handle of her bag and is holding it in front of her torso in a barrier gesture that makes her look less assured than she does when she is walking with the bag hanging at her side.

“And when she sits at the table for her meeting at the university, she is the one in the group sitting with her hands on her lap rather than on the table like the others, giving them the edge in terms of signals of spatial dominance and status.”

She added: “It makes her look a little unsure, but then the world of the boardroom is not her natural habitat and hopefully she spread out a little as the meeting went on.”

Ms James later added that on the whole, Kate demonstrated “keenness and a purpose” on her visit and that the duchess is “stamping her royal profile with a look of calm, confidence and charm here as she undertakes her first solo trip abroad since the pandemic kicked in”.

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“Her outfit looks like an intentional statement of a more brusque, business-like approach and that sentiment is very much echoed in her handshaking techniques.”

The Duchess wore a red blazer from Zara paired with a white blouse, black trousers and black heels.



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