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Keep house plants alive: 'Mimic the environment' they come from – the best for your home

A gardener urged Britons to think about where their plants originate from when puzzling over how to take care of them. Nicole Laird, Peterborough-based cut flower grower, allotmenteer, and dahlia queen, says the “right spot” is key to a healthy plant.

Nicole, who shares her gardening expertise on @nicoleatcherrygarden, said: “While I’m better at growing plants outdoors, I do love a houseplant.

“I have learned the hard way that it’s just as important to find the right plant for the right spot in your house as it is in your garden.”

The green-fingered Briton told readers: “Lots of houseplants originate in more tropical areas but some live in shady areas and some thrive in the sunshine so try and mimic the environment as best as you can by researching the variety you’ve chosen.”

You can find out the origin of your plant with a cursory online search.

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Left outside houseplants would tend to die.

Generally, ferns, palms, and other non-flowering houseplants tend to be the easiest to grow.

Flowering houseplants, like gardenias and orchids, are more difficult.

If thinking of purchasing a houseplant, the best place to start might be considering the conditions in your home.



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