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Keir Starmer issued election hammer blow despite polling success

According to the latest polls by YouGov, Labour is way ahead of the Conservatives. They are on 39 percent, while the Tories are only on 31 percent. These figures are in part due to the continuing allegations of lockdown parties at Downing Street which have been threatening the Prime Minister’s reputation since December. Prior to December, the Conservatives were ahead of Labour, but as the ‘partygate’ allegations began to flood the media, the party’s approval rating went right down and Labour took the lead.

Many people have lost trust in the Prime Minister and no longer believe he is the right man to lead the country.

A recent YouGov poll found only 22 percent of people said Boris Johnson would make the best Prime Minister, whereas 35 percent said that Keir Starmer would do the best job.

However, despite being ahead in the polls, Sir Keir has a long way to go if he wants to become Prime Minister.

That is because although Labour is polling well in England and Wales they will need Scotland’s votes to win a majority.

Previous Labour Prime Ministers such as Tony Blair, Harold Wilson and Clement Attlee all won big in Scotland.

In the 1997 election which saw Tony Blair gain a landslide victory, Labour won 56 seats in Scotland.

However, in recent years, many Scottish Labour voters have shifted their allegiance towards the SNP.

In the 2019 general election, Labour only won one seat in all of Scotland, while the SNP dominated the country, securing 48 seats.

The party is now the third biggest in the United Kingdom, following the Conservatives and Labour.

And its popularity does not seem to be waning – the latest YouGov figures show that the SNP are way ahead of any other political party in Scotland.

They are on 48 percent, while the Conservatives are on 21 percent and Labour are only on 19 percent.

Moreover, the latest data from Opinium shows that Labour are polling at 29 percent in London, but are at zero in the north and the midlands, and are at minus 10 in Scotland.

Labour are also unable to rely on votes from Northern Ireland as the party do not contest elections in that part of the UK.

This means that if Labour is going to win the next election, they’ve got some serious campaigning to do in Scotland.



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