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‘Kills 99% of bacteria and saves money!’ Wash towels at 20° with clever laundry hack

Looking for a cheaper way to clean your bathroom towels, but want the same hygenically-clean result? spoke to Jennifer Sharpe, Chief Fragrance Officer at Fabulosa about the products you can use, if you want to turn down the temperature on the washing machine. 

Experts say washing towels at 60 degrees is the best way to get them hygeinically clean. 

But with the cost of living crisis, many households are wondering whether they can turn the temperature down on their washing machine to save money and still get the same results. 

A setting of 30 degrees is usually recommended for washing delicate clothes, items such as wool and silk. 

A load of coloured clothing can also be washing at this ‘cooler’ temperature. 

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“Fill the cap to the marked fill level, then throw the booster beads into the empty washing drum – a maximum of three capfuls per load will do the job nicely. 

“Then, just add your laundry, detergent, and fabric conditioner, start your washing cycle and enjoy a long-lasting fragrance boost.” 

Towels – especially white or other light coloured towels – can show stains and marks. 

But there is a product that will easily lift stains, without you having to scrub. 

“A product that I find always gets rid of tough towel stains is Fabulosa’s Sofa Saving Foam,” Jennifer recommended. 

“Spray the foam generously on the stained or marked area of the towel, then give the stain a really good scrub with a damp cloth. 

“I find this fabric spot cleaner lifts stains in minutes, and leaves a gorgeous scent behind.” 

For anyone looking to make their towels super soft, Jennifer recommended her “go-to product”. 

“Fabulosa’s Tumble Dryer Sheets come in a choice of three delightful fragrances. 

“All you need to do is place them into the dryer along with your washing – your towels will not only be lovely and soft, but will also smell clean and fresh.” 

Other brands are available; Dettol laundry sanitiser, Astonish Protect and Care laundry cleanser and many supermarket own brands. 



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