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Kim Woodburn's 10 minute daily cleaning routine – 'you can keep everything manageable'

Cleaning guru Kim Woodburn is well known for being one of the first cleanfluencers alongside Aggie, her partner. Aggie Mackenzie and Kim Woodburn co-starred in How Clean Is Your House. The British TV programme saw the pair visit the UK’s dirty homes, cleaning them up.

The pair released three books together, How Clean Is Your House?, Too Posh to Wash: The Complete Guide to Cleaning Up Your Life, and The Cleaning Bible: Kim & Aggie’s Complete Guide to Modern Household Management.

Since, Kim has wowed fans on a number of UK stalwart daytime TV programmes, including Celebrity Come Dine with Me and Loose women.

Now she has paired up with Poundland to create a selection of cleaning essentials.

She spoke exclusively with about how to keep your home clean.

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“Ten minutes every day and you can keep everything manageable,” she told readers.

She also advocates for a set of cleaning tools one might consider rudimentary, but for Kim it is essential.

She advised: “Use a dustpan and brush, every day. “This means when you’re cleaning the floor, you can just sweep up any small mess and you don’t have to get your vacuum out again.

“Use it for the dog’s hair and crumbs from your children and even us adults.”

Kim also recently told readers how to get rid of ants. She has a clever tip. 

She suggested a tool to collect all the ants in your home with minimal effort.

She said: “I use a disc, which is the size of a jam jar lid. The ants gather around it and then you can get rid of them when they have all collected.”

She went on: “These little discs last for a long time. Go to your garden centre and you can buy them from there.”



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