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Lady Louise Windsor follows in Prince Philip’s footsteps with touching shared hobby

Lady Louise is carrying on a passion she shared with the Duke of Edinburgh as she competed in the British Indoor Carriage Driving Championships. The eighteen-year-old got sixth place in the junior novice division and has also taken part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

In 2019, Philip proudly watched Louise compete in the Private Driving Singles carriage drive at the Windsor Horse Show where she won third place.

Carriage driving became a great passion of the late Duke who competed in carriage events in his 80s.

In 2017, Philip spoke to ITV about his hobby: “I started driving because I’d been playing polo, and I decided I’d give up polo when I was 50.

“I was looking around to see what next, I didn’t know what there was available.

“And I suddenly thought, ‘Well, we’ve got horses and carriages, so why don’t I have a go?’

“So, I borrowed four horses from the stables in London, took them to Norfolk and practised and thought, ‘Why not?’”

The prince was so enthusiastic about his pastime he helped build his own sporting carriage which he dubbed ‘the Balmoral dog cart’.

He noted that the carriage “had to be rebuilt every year because it got smashed up regularly”.

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It has been reported that Prince Philip left his granddaughter the dark green four-wheeled carriage along with two of his Fell ponies in his will in recognition of continuing their shared passion.

The carriage featured in the duke’s funeral at Windsor Castle. His cap and gloves were placed on the carriage in the grounds of the castle and a small red pot could be seen which he used to keep the sugar lumps he gave to his horses after driving.

At the funeral, Lady Louise paid tribute to her grandfather and the sport by wearing a brooch with a horse’s head and a whip on it.

In a documentary on Philip’s life, Louise commented: “The Duke of Edinburgh has been so involved in my driving, but it’s slightly scary as he invented the sport pretty much.

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“But it’s incredible to have learned first-hand from him and it definitely made us closer I think.”

She added: “After a competition, he would always ask how it went, his eyes would light up because he would get so excited when he talks about it.”

The Countess of Wessex said during an interview that her daughter “is naturally so good at [driving], she really is. It’s something that she has taken to very well.”

Sophie added: “I trail in her wake, frankly.”



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