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‘Lasts for one month’: No-scrub toilet hack to avoid stains and odours using 1 ingredient

Toilets are hard to keep clean without regular scrubbing and will quickly become stained or even start to smell unpleasant. While toilet fresheners are considered the best hands-free solution to toilet cleaning, one homeowner has shared an even better way to prevent limescale and odours without having to touch the bowl at all. The clever hack uses just one staple ingredient to keep the toilet smelling fresh for as long as one month, and you probably already have everything you need in the bathroom.

Limescale stains and odours are two of the biggest problems when it comes to toilets, and can feel impossible to keep on top of without daily cleaning.

However, according to one cleaning enthusiast, all you need is a tube of toothpaste to keep the bowl stain free and minty fresh.

While this cleansing ingredient is normally used for cleaning teeth, the YouTube user swears by this straightforward hack.

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For this unusual cleaning shortcut to work, you will need to use white toothpaste which includes baking soda as an active ingredient.

In the video demonstration, the woman uses the red Colgate tube with added baking soda.

While wearing gloves, the social media user begins by making “many” small holes on the main body of the toothpaste tube using a sharp sewing needle.

Once the holes have been pierced all over the tube, she removes the film covering the lid of the toothpaste and places the cap back on.

While it may sound impossible for the paste to come out of the tube without it being squeezed by hand, the account holder noted that the pressure of the water is enough to do this whenever the toilet is flushed.

She said that the pressure pushes the paste into the tank which is then flushed into the bowl.

When this happens, the minty essence is “gradually released” into the water and fills the room with a fresh scent.

The past also leaves the porcelain surface free from stains and limescale residue.

According to the account, simple & fast, the tube should last for one month before it needs replacing.



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