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Lawn Care: The seven key jobs to do in April for a lawn that looks brand new

Apply fertiliser

Use April as a time to fertilise your lawn and feed the green blades of grass.

If you’re doing any other lawn maintenance such as moss control and raking or scarifying, always apply fertiliser after to reap the full benefits.

Choose a fertiliser that is appropriate for your soil type if you’re feeding an existing lawn.

Spot-weed control

Weeds are a common nuisance in spring, with everything from dandelions to daisies appearing quickly throughout the season.

Digging them out of your lawn by hand, or with a tool is the most effective way to banish weeds, and there’s one key reason why you should choose it over weedkiller this month.

While a weed killer is the obvious way to tackle stubborn growth, Lawnsmith recommends avoiding it until early May.

This is because more weeds will appear throughout the month, making your treatment ineffective and unnecessary until the weeds have finished growing in your lawn.



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