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Lawn: Prepare the grass for ‘healthy growth’ now by weeding and aerating – ‘simple steps’

The lawn often needs a bit of care after the winter months due to cold temperatures, which can cause the soil underneath to freeze. Brown and bare patches are also common, but experts at have shared top tips on bringing a lawn back to life, including aerating, weeding, cutting and fertilising.

A spokesperson for said: “It is usual for your lawn to look rough after winter, especially after bearing all the storms, cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions we’ve had this year.

“Although your lawn can recover on its own, it’s helpful to aid and speed up the process by helping it prepare for healthy growth.

“With a few simple steps, you can make a huge impact on rejuvenating your lawn and right now is the perfect time to get your garden back into shape.”

Firstly, gardeners can start by removing any debris from their lawn.

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“This means that the plants won’t get enough oxygen and nutrients from the soil.

“Aeration is done by poking holes into the land using a plug or spike aerator, similar to a hand-push mower. 

“Improving the ground makes a huge difference in how healthy your grass and plants will look in the upcoming spring and summer seasons.”

Gardeners may notice bare or brown patches across the lawn which have occurred over winter.

To combat this, the experts recommended reseeding the lawn to fill the grass in.

They said: “Depending on how bad the situation is, you can either reseed the whole lawn or you can opt to repair the few bare patches.

“The simplest way is to scatter the seeds evenly with your hand, using a seed spreader.

“It would help to make sure that your grass and plants are watered consistently, significantly.

“In the UK, this task shouldn’t be too tricky as it rains so often, but gardeners should not forget to give their lawn extra care when it’s dry.”

Gardeners can also fertilise the lawn to help it grow, ensuring the soil is around 12 degrees celsius.



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