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'Lay down arms' Ukrainian forces issued 5am Mariupol surrender ultimatum by Putin's troops

Moscow has given Ukrainian forces until 5am (3am GMT) on Monday to lay down their arms in the eastern port city of Mariupol. Mariupol has been under siege for some time after it was reported Russia had launched an airstrike on a maternity ward at a hospital in the city.

According to the Guardian, many of the 400,000 residents are even reported to be trapped in the city without or with very little food, water and power.

RIA Novosti, a state-owned news agency service, revealed a Kremlin official has detailed the warning to Kyiv.

Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, who heads up the Russian National Defence Control Centre, said: “From 10am to 12pm – for all armed units of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries without exception, without any weapons and ammunition along the route agreed with Ukraine.

“From 12 am simultaneous passage of humanitarian convoys with food, medicines and essentials: from the east — Russian humanitarian convoy, from the west — formed by the Ukrainian side.”

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RIA Novosti also claimed “each Mariupol citizen and foreign citizen” is guaranteed a voluntary choice of any of the humanitarian corridors or the right to stay in the eastern city.

Colonel-General Mizintsev has also recently pedalled claims the Ukrainians are “bandits”, “neo-Nazis” and nationalists without providing any evidence.

The claims have also echoed those made by Putin.

The Russian President has said his invasion is a “special military operation” and argued he is interested in “de-nazifying” Ukraine.

In their latest intelligence update, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said: “Russian naval forces continue to blockade the Ukrainian coast and to launch missile strikes on targets across Ukraine.

“The blockade of the Ukrainian coast is likely to exacerbate the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, preventing vital supplies reaching the Ukrainian population.”



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