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Le Pen victory would spark chaos in Brussels as EU leaders unprepared for Macron defeat

The National Rally lead will face off against the French President for the second round of the 2022 election on April 24. The head-to-head clash comes just five years after Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron last met in the second round of the 2017 French Presidential Election.

Mr Macron won the bout with the support of 66 percent of voters compared to just 34 percent who backed Le Pen.

However, there are now concerns across the European Union that Ms Le Pen can cause a Donald Trump-style upset and become French President.

A recent Ifop-Fiducial opinion poll even suggested the knife-edge election result could be decided by just two percent after it gave Macron 51 percent to Le Pen’s 49 percent.

Optimists inside the Brussels bloc are said to be relying on the fact Mr Macron extended his lead against Ms Le Pen in the first round.

The French President received 27.8 percent of the vote, putting him over four points ahead of his far-right challenger.

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Mr Macron might also benefit from the support of mainstream parties.

However, mainstream political parties, who put up Valerie Pecresse and Anne Hidalgo, failed to bounce back from the 2017 poll as the centre-right Les Republicains and centre-left Parti Socialiste were confounded to their worst electoral results since 1965.

Pessimists look at the other results in the first ballot to suggest Ms Le Pen could emerge victorious.

Eric Zemmour, a populist protagonist who has since endorsed Le Pen, broke the French electoral mould after finishing in a distant fourth place on 7.1 percent.

Jean-Luc Melenchon is also thought of as a potential risk for President Macron.

The victory might also pose a threat to the Franco-German relationship.

Le Pen’s election manifesto on defence even states France has “deep and irreparable differences of opinion with Germany on doctrine, readiness and industry”.

The National Rally leader even announced she could terminate the Treaty of Aachen between Berlin and Paris.

The joint security accord was signed by Angela Merkel and Mr Macron in 2019.

Ms Le Pen’s foreign policy has tamed much of her foreign policy, particularly Frexit and leaving the Eurozone.

However, she also has questioned the legal supremacy of European law and elements of the Single Market.

Additional reporting Monika Pallenberg.



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