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Learner driver arrested and has vehicle seized twice in the same day

The police arrested a learner driver and seized the same car from him twice in the same day. The driver was stopped for the first time on the morning of January 26 in Bugle, near St Austell in mid Cornwall.

As a learner, the driver was reported for not complying with the conditions of his provisional licence.

As a result, his Mercedes CLK was seized by the police.

Later in the day, Devon and Cornwall Police received information that led them to believe the provisional licence holder would be driving unsupervised again after collecting his car.

He was later stopped for a second time driving unsupervised along the A30 near Summercourt between Truro and Newquay.

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“Vehicle seized for a second time and he will now be going to court for two offences.

“To top it off, the person who was on their way to pick him up was stopped in the A class. He was a disqualified driver…

“His vehicle was seized and he will be going to court as well.”

A provisional licence allows drivers to be at least 17-years-old to drive on UK roads, although there are a number of conditions.

Learner drivers must be accompanied at all times by a full licence holder who is over 21, qualified to drive the vehicle that is being driven and has held their licence for three years.

The car must also have L-plates displayed, or D-plates in Wales, and they cannot be driven on motorways.



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