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Lewis Hamilton and co 'sent letter' to FIA demanding F1 rule changes

“Over the years, the sport tried to come up with solutions. But these were only attempted quick fixes, and not new systematically developed concepts. 

“The drivers’ letter was not a scientific work, but it was a clear and strong push and request to help F1 to be confident in its own search for helping the sport. 

“Therefore, I believe the new rules have been a great example of the four key stakeholder forces (F1, FIA, the teams and GPDA) being aligned and jointly working on medium and long term objectives, which are separated from teams’ own performance driven agendas. 

“However, whilst I am certain the new rules are a very good direction, we have to also be realistic in what we can and cannot expect now.” 

Mercedes star Hamilton does not want the changes to stop there, though, and has called for more women stewards and less ‘bias’. 

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