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Lewis Hamilton demands FIA answers with Mercedes still in the dark over retirement plans

Lewis Hamilton is reportedly still demanding answers from the FIA after the controversial end to the 2021 world championship as the 37-year-old was denied an eighth world title in Abu Dhabi in the final moments of the race.

Hamilton was on course to win a record-breaking title at Yas Marina after driving a commanding race, leap-frogging Max Verstappen as the lights went off.

But the championship swung in the most dramatic fashion after a safety car bunched the field up, eliminating Hamilton’s lead.

Yet, it was the decision to allow half the field, specifically those in between Hamilton and Verstappen, to un-lap themselves before the race continued.

It meant Verstappen, on far fresher tryes after gaining an advantage during the pit stops, was able to sweep past the defenseless Briton on the final lap and win the world title.

Mercedes were furious after the race and demanded answers from the FIA, who are currently conducting their own investigation into what happened.

Max Verstappen hit with fresh team-mate rumour 

But with Formula One laying dormant in its off-season, speculation is mounting surrounding Hamilton, with his silence adding fuel to the fire.

“I’ve spoken to various individuals since who have had some contact with him,” Slater added.

“By and large they told me that they expected Lewis to be back to try and win an eighth world title in 2022.

“What they explained to me though was that even if he seemed to take it well on the night, it hit him very hard in subsequent days, what went on.”



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