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‘Like Catherine The Great!' Putin wants to recreate brutal 18th century Russian Empire

Rear Admiral Chris Parry, now a strategic expert and risk forecaster formerly of the Royal Navy, said that Vladimir Putin is trying to “recreate new Russia under Catherine the Great”. The Russian czarina invaded much of what is now Ukraine during the 18th century after staging a military coup and overthrowing her husband Peter III of Russia.

Admiral Parry told GB News: “I’ve been saying for the best part of three years that Putin’s strategy is to recreate new Russia under Catherine the Great. 

“That basically means he wants the bottom third of Ukraine all the way from the Donbas through to Odesa. 

“Two and a half weeks ago he gave a speech in front of a statue of Catherine the Great saying these were his war aims in Ukraine. 

“The war has been all about the south. He was trying to fix Ukrainian forces in the north and northeast, and he’s been driving across the south and up from Crimea in support of that agenda.”

He added: “So I’m not at all surprised at what he’s saying. What I am surprised about is that anybody believes anything that he says. 

“He and his vile regime have been consistently lying throughout this. You need to actually interpret his actions and not his words.” 

The comparison comes as the Russian ambassador to Washington warned the US that sending more weapons to Ukraine would be a mistake. 

Speaking to Russia state television, Anatoly Antonov said: “We stressed the unacceptability of this situation when the United States of America pours weapons into Ukraine, and we demanded an end to this practice.”

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In a message on Sunday, deputy commander of the Azov Regiment in the southern city of Mariupol revealed that women and children were among those sheltering in the steel plant in the city centre. 

They claimed women were lamenting that their children had not seen sun in months and were running out of food and water as they hid underground in bunkers. 

Through tears, one woman in the video says: “Please help us. We want to live in our city, in our country. We are tired of these bombings, constant airstrikes on our land. How much longer will this continue?”

Sviatoslav Palamar added: “The enemy continues airstrikes, artillery from the sea… enemy tanks continue to strike and infantry is trying to storm.” 



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