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'Limited edition' seasonal hot drink ranges with ELEVEN spoonfuls of sugar

Researchers for the Sunday Express have discovered the chain’s latest Easter specials contain over a day-and-a-half’s suggested sugar intake.

According to nutritional information online, the £3.90-a-time Hot Cross Bun Hot Chocolate & Light Dairy Swirl contains 11 teaspoons of sugar (45.5g) per medium takeaway serving. It also contains 373 calories and 6.6g of saturated fats.

The NHS recommends an adult consumes no more than seven teaspoons of sugar (30g) a day.

High-sugar diets are linked to weight gain and excess body fat. Being obese is known to double the risk of falling ill with coronavirus and increase the chance of dying by 50 percent.

Other high street chains use similar seasonal approaches. McDonald’s introduces the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry, containing 11 teaspoons of sugar every spring holiday. And in December it was discovered festive drinks at chains including Caffe Nero, Starbucks, Greggs and Pret A Manger were also packing their specials with high levels of sugar.

Caffe Nero’s mint choc chip hot chocolate contained 15 teaspoons (63g) of sugar, plus 414 calories in each 473ml serving.

And Costa’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange winter warmer had 45g of sugar per 340ml medium serving and 379 calories.



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