Line of Duty actor Sherise Blackman ‘very dissatisfied’ by police response to attempted kidnapping of her son

Line of Duty actor Sherise Blackman says she was “very dissatisfied” with the police’s initial reaction after men attempted to kidnap her son.

Ms Blackman, who portrays Ruby Jones on the BBC police drama, told the Evening Standard that her 11-year-old son had got off a bus he frequently takes at the time of the alleged incident in south-east London.

The bus was diverted, meaning the boy had to walk the rest of the way home, Ms Blackman said.

Along the way, the boy was approached by a man in a van then followed by two men, she said. He tried to run away but saw he was still being followed.

Eventually, the boy made his way into a public park, where two teenagers protected him, blocking the entrance so the boy could run home.

Ms Blackman said she and her husband “immediately called the police” after their son told them what had occurred.

The actor said she was “very dissatisfied” with what transpired when the authorities spoke to her son.

“They were asking questions like ‘have you got any issues with other boys’ and ‘do you have beef with other kids’,” she told the Evening Standard.

“I could see where they were going with this and I was like no it wasn’t that. My son is a very smart little boy – he sensed danger. But they were trying to fob it off.”

According to Ms Blackman, the police originally said they wouldn’t launch an investigation because no crime had been committed.

The Met Police has since said it will investigate the incident and have described their initial response as “not sufficient”.

“I fully acknowledge our initial response was not sufficient given the extremely worrying circumstances of this incident,” Superintendent Andy Brittain, from the South Area Basic Command Unit (BCU), told the Evening Standard

“The matter was reviewed and detectives are carrying out further investigation which remains ongoing. CCTV of the area is currently being reviewed to identify any possible suspects. Detectives have been in touch with the boy’s parents to update them on the investigation so far, and will continue to keep them informed of any developments.”

Any witnesses are invited to come forward. The incident allegedly took place on Friday (30 April) around and at Croydon Road Recreation Ground.

One of the suspects has been described as being white and 5ft10in, while the other has been described as being 6ft tall.

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