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Liverpool embarrassing Roy Keane over 'hype' comments ahead of Tottenham game

Instead of tailing off as Keane suggested, The Reds have gone from strength to strength after their disappointing campaign last year. Klopp’s team have evolved into a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut and now stand on the cusp of becoming the only English team in history to win all four available trophies since that became a possibility back in 1960s.

While Liverpool have only won the title once under Klopp, the Reds have been the only team able to stand toe-to-toe with Manchester City on a regular basis in recent years – and there’s every chance they could get their reward by pipping Guardiola’s side to another domestic crown after their crushing defeat to Real Madrid in midweek.

But even if they do suffer a repeat of the 2018/19 campaign – where their tally of 97 points was only good enough for second spot – Klopp and his side have already proved Keane’s bold prediction emphatically wrong. And you wouldn’t bet against them continuing to do so on a consistent basis in the coming years; regardless of how they fare in their upcoming flurry of legacy-defining fixtures.



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