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Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer or Angela Rayner? -Who do YOU trust to govern the UK? has teamed up with a new, exciting project that lets YOU vote on the character of our politicians in Westminster. Readers now have the opportunity to rate MPs.

We’ve joined with leading workplace feedback platform ViewsHub in an exclusive collaboration to properly assess the quality of the men and women we elect and compare their traits without the influence of political bias.

In an age of personality politics and with an individual’s characteristics seen as an important aspect of their suitability fir the job, you can now have your say on: “Who is fit to govern the UK?”

Want to get involved? Click here and let us know exactly how you feel about the people running the country.

You can vote on everything from how creative you think they are and how risk averse, to how competitive and how optimistic they are in their outlook.

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Those who sign up will also be asked to score each candidate’s performance out of five across six areas:

  • gets things done
  • has the right skills and competence for the job
  • responds well to changing circumstances
  • responds quickly and positively to stakeholders
  • inspires others to do their best
  • earns trust from allies and respect from adversaries

These ratings are then converted into the final score of overall performance.

In the weeks and months ahead, will exclusively share the findings of the ViewsHub data and publish the results of the survey.

ViewsHub CEO Ab Banerjee said: “Our unique platform offers an insight into the public’s deeper perceptions of the candidates, their performance ratings and character traits.

“The ‘normal’ ways of assessing candidates’ suitability are flawed and often superficial.

“Our platform is designed to help people make more informed decisions on individual candidates and their suitability to govern our country.

“It encourages people to assess performance in key areas and to assess character traits and, based on these findings, to then decide who is best placed to lead our country through the unique challenges ahead.

“We are excited about the launch of this platform and the results it will harness over the coming weeks and months ahead.”

So, why not give it a go? Click here and let us know who you think is fit to govern the country we love.



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