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'Look gorgeous and last forever': Cut flowers that never die have fans in raptures

Homeowners can buy beautiful cut flowers, which will never die. The dried blooms, coming in all hues, will last forever in your home, making them a bargain and better for the planet than “wasteful fresh flowers”.

Mary-Anne Da’marzo, founded of Soho-based dried flower shop, The Last Bunch.

She went viral on her TikTok account for a video detailing where fans can buy her preserved flowers.

Mary-Anne creates artisan preserved flowers. Preserved flowers are a more sustainable alternative and can last for years in your home.

While fresh cut flowers are the standard, they die quickly and need to be constantly replaced. However, these flowers last much, much longer.

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The TikTok, had over 100k views, taking the flower brand account from 0 followers to 1,500 overnight, with 2,000 comments urging her to do it.

After the success of the first video, Mary-Anne extended the popup lease.

She has since created another TikTok to raise awareness of the location of the store behind Piccadilly Circus which is now going viral.

Mary Anne said: “Once I get an idea in my head I don’t stop until it’s done.

“The flower business was no different. I’ve always loved preserved flowers.

“I’ve been creating installations in my house for years they look gorgeous and last forever.

“I fleetingly put out a TikTok asking my followers if I should set up a store in Soho and well.. the rest is history! Five days later, there I was with a shop.”

Fans commented on Mary-Anne’s latest vital video.

One wrote: “Clever way of advertising.”

Another said: “Ok. Seriously. One of the best ads ever. Need to pop in some time.”

Flowers can be preserved in a number of ways. Flowers can be air-dried, simply hung upside down.

How to look after dried flowers

Looking after these flowers carefully will keep them looking beautiful in your home for longer.

Follow these tips to preserve dried flowers:

  • Do not water dried flowers
  • Do not keep dried flowers in direct sunlight
  • Keep them indoors
  • Clean them with a feather duster, but be gently
  • Don’t let your pets chew them



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