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‘Losing 27st has changed our lives’ Couple vowed to get healthy on Valentine's day

Kieron Buxton, 50, and wife Helen, 51, decided to get into shape after he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The pair, who have been married for 16 years, used to gorge on fried breakfasts, biscuits and takeaways.

Mental health charity worker Kieron tipped the scales at almost 30st. Helen weighed almost 18-and-a-half.

They joined Slimming World in 2020 and have now been named the organisation’s couple of the year.

Since losing 19-and-a-half stone, ­Kieron has even reversed his diabetes.

He said: “I’d been overweight for much of my life, to the point where I didn’t really acknowledge it anymore.

“I was even used to the abuse that would get thrown at me in the street. It wasn’t until my doctor told me that an injury to my leg was struggling to heal because I’d developed type 2 diabetes that I decided to change.”

The couple, from Nottingham, swapped fast food for fresh fruit and veg and lean meat and poultry.

Keiron said: “We found it really easy to fit the plan around our lives. We still eat our favourite meals like satay chicken, cottage pie and homemade chips. We just cook them in a different way and we’re never hungry.”

Helen, who lost 8st, said: “Having each other really spurred us on and ­we encouraged each other to stay ­on track.”

“The difference in our lives really is amazing – it’s like the whole world has opened up for us.”



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