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Loyalty cards: Hidden perks and freebies you’re missing out on – how to claim them

With monthly bills set to rise tomorrow, it’s more important than ever to be aware of your spending, but are you making the most of what you already pay for? This Morning’s consumer expert Alice Beer shared several deals and discounts already available within the small print of mobile phone contracts, insurance deals and loyalty cards. 

Mobile phone contracts 

“If you’re signing up to a mobile phone contract, of course, you’re going to look at data, price – most important,” Alice said. 

“Have a look if you’re with one of these providers. 

“If you’re with EE, if you’ve got something called Smart Plan, you could be getting free Netflix, that’s worth £5.99 a month. 

“You could be getting Apple Music for six months, you could be getting BT’s Sport, you could also be gifting your data to another family member, or they could be getting 10 percent off. 

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“O2, if you’re on the Plus Plan, you could be getting 12 months of Amazon Prime Video or Apple Music.

“Vodafone, it might not be the cheapest bill, so don’t switch for the freebies, but they have weekly treats, giveaways, prize draws, Costa Coffee for a £1, two Vue cinema tickets for £7. 

“3 mobile, £3 for weekend cinema tickets – that’s a good deal!” Alice remarked. “20 percent off Uber Eats, and two for £10 at Frankie and Benny’s.

“If you’re signed up to one of these companies, go on the app, website and see what you could be getting.” 

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Alice continued: “Lidl loyalty, they have weekly coupons – you get four a week, for example you get 20 percent off pizzas. 

“Nectar points, lots of discounts, Esso you get £2 for every point, you can get your points and spend them at the till. 

“Boots Advantage Card – I’m a big fan,” she said. “You’re always getting vouchers. 

“Also look at the clubs you can join – Boots Parenting Club you get extra points £8 for every point you spend on an own brand product, there’s also the Over 60 Club.” 

TV and music streaming 

“If two people in your household or you and a child off at university are both paying for Netflix, just be careful because you can have four devices on a Netflix account,” Alice shared. 

“Be canny – is it a neighbour, friend, relative, four of you join up and pay less. 

“That’s the same with Spotify and Apple – all join together and get the discount.” 

Amazon Prime 

“This isn’t the time to be paying to Amazon Prime if you don’t need those fast deliveries that come with it,” Alice said. 

“I’m not selling it, but if you’ve got it, use your perks, like free books and magazines with Prime Reading, Prime Video, music, Morrisons offers with Amazon Fresh as well.” 

Bank accounts 

Alice explained: “If you’ve got a packaged bank account, if you are paying for a bank account – make sure that’s worth having, then look at the insurance. 

“You shouldn’t be paying for mobile insurance if it comes with your bank account. 

“So many people are doing this – mobile, travel, breakdown insurance – so many bank accounts come with that as a matter of course.” 

Free trials 

“Go easy on these,” Alice warned. “You have to end them when the month is up, the free period is up. 

“Pret a Manger is a no brainer, you just sign up, should be £25 a month, you get five free hot drinks a day, but the first month is absolutely free. 

“End it though as soon as that month is up.” 



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