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M25 traffic: Huge lorry fire causes severe delays on motorway

Footage shows the HGV ablaze on the clockwise carriageway near junction 2 for Dartford and Bexley, Kent. It happened at around 7.30am and traffic is now back along the QE2 Bridge to junction 30 for Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex.

The clip captures thick grey smoke billow from the vehicle, which is believed to have caught alight due to an oil spillage.

It is understood the flames have been extinguished but the recovery operation continues.

Emergency services remain at the scene, Kent Live reports.

A diversion isn’t in place as vehicles must use the QE2 Bridge to cross River Thames along the route. Traffic is, though, held by around junction 30 while the recovery operation gets completed.

Some drivers, however, are leaving at junction 1a once they’ve crossed the bridge.

They are then using local roads through Dartford and Stone, Kent, to reach junction 2 via the A2 near Darenth Country Park.

Anti-clockwise traffic is slow largely due to onlookers.

Congestion has reached junction 3 for Orpington, Kent. 


Drivers also faced lengthy delays yesterday on the M25 as a pile-up closed one lane.

The clockwise carriageway was affected between junction 2 for Dartford and Bexley, Kent, to junction 3 for Swanley in the same county. An accident, said to have involved several vehicles, happened at around 7am. 

Congestion was back over the QE2 Bridge to junction 30 for Lakeside Shopping Centre and Aveley, Essex.

The delay added 30 minutes to journeys.

Traffic and travel service Inrix reported: “One lane blocked and queuing traffic for seven miles due to accident, a van and a couple of cars involved, on M25 clockwise between J2 A2 (Darenth Interchange) and J3 / M20 / A20 (Swanley Interchange).

“Congestion to J30 / A13 (Lakeside) back over the QE2 Bridge. Travel time is 25 minutes.”

A diversion was not put in place as drivers must use the QE2 Bridge to cross the River Thames to reach Kent.

But some drivers left the motorway at junction 1a and used local roads through Dartford, Bexley and Swanley to rejoin the M25 at junction 2.

These were busy, though, as a result. The A2 and A20 in both directions near the motorway links were also congested.



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