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'Macron, assassin' Bizarre protest chants against French President at Zemmour rally

The vitriol was voiced by a crowd gathered to support presidential candidate Eric Zemmour at the Trocadero in Paris. Referring to the bizarre chat BFMTV tweeted: “In the middle of a meeting of Éric Zemmour at the Trocadero, the crowd chants ‘Macron, assassin!'” As Mr Zemmour stood on the stage at the Trocadero the crowd started calling his political rival, the current president, an assassin. The presidential candidate for the Reconquest! Party was criticising the security record of Mr Macron at the time of the chant. The slogan was chanted on the esplanade about 10 times after Mr Zemmour said: “Some are indignant of my firmness.

“What I find indignant are not the words and concepts, but the daily dramas that you suffer.

“What makes me angry is that we will never return the peace to Évelyne Reybert, mother of Julien, massacred in Romans-sur-Isère.

“What makes me angry is that we will never console the children of Sarah Halimi or Mireille Knoll.

“We will never do justice to all those whom the State has failed to protect.”

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The sequence lasted only a few seconds before Eric Zemmour continued his speech.

At no time did he intervene or react to interrupt the screams of the crowd.

However, the Mr Zemmour’s entourage claimed that he did not hear the message of the crowd against Emmanuel Macron.

He has now finally “condemned” the chant aimed at France’s head of state, according to his entourage.


His entourage released a statement to say that, “he did not hear it”.

The statement added: “He condemns what the crowd said at that moment.

“He doesn’t use the expression in his own words. He never used such a term and never implied it in his speech.”

Mr Zemmour is a far-right politician and journalist who is a candidate in the 2022 French presidential election.

Mr Macron remains the clear favourite in opinion polls in the run-up to the election.

Additional reporting Maria Ortega.



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