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Macron calls for ‘de -escalation’ of tensions in Ukraine as threat from Russia looms

However, Mr Macron insisted that Russian aggression would be met with “serious consequences”.

He said: “We will never give up dialogue with Russia, demanding dialogue. 

“Every channel must be used to the full to re-engage Russia in a process of de-escalation.

“In parallel we are planning a joint response to any attack. If there is an attack the cost will be very high.”

This comes on the eve of four way “Normandy Format” talks between France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

Mr Macron has previously called for a European response to the crisis and appears to be positioning France and Germany as alternative negotiating partners for Russia.  

Olaf Scholtz warned of the “high price” Russia would face if it attacked Ukraine.

He said: “I will remind you that we have been clear that any attack threatening the territorial integrity of Ukraine would come at a high price.

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Germany also vetoed NATO delivering arms to Ukraine and is also blocking Estonia sending arms under the terms of their original export from Germany.



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