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‘Making us miserable!’: Almost 250k drivers demand huge fuel duty cut – 'out of control'

The creator of the petition, Mark Maley, called on the Government to make a larger cut to fuel duty to keep petrol and diesel prices down. According to the latest data from RAC Fuel Watch, the price of unleaded petrol has broken the 190p per litre mark, with diesel quickly nearing £2 a litre.

In the description of the petition, Mr Maley wrote: “We all know the prices of fuel are hitting record highs. 

“The Government keep talking about windfall taxes but they are getting their own windfall with the price rises. 

“The more we pay the more the Government get. 

“People, businesses, and the economy is suffering because we are paying tax upon tax with fuel.

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With an average retail price of petrol sitting at 190.22p, a staggering 45 percent or 84.65p is taxed.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced a five pence reduction in fuel duty during the Spring Statement in March.

However, many saw the move as a temporary fix, with prices rising again sharply after the announcement.

At the time, average petrol prices were 30p cheaper, with Britain’s drivers paying 167.3p per litre.

Another signee, Mohammad Chowdhury, said: “Price of daily living costs is getting out of control. 

“We need the Government to act.”

According to a new study from Ipsos, 75 percent of Britons have, or are planning to, change their driving habits to cut costs.

A further three-quarters of survey respondents said they have used their car less to save on fuel.

Around four in 10 have changed their driving style to boost their fuel efficiency, most notably, accelerating less.



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