Man goes unpunished despite putting up huge ‘Trump Won’ banner at baseball games

A mas has gone unpunished despite flying “Trump Won, Save America” banners at baseball games this season.

The Trump supporter, named Dion Cini, has been flying the “Trump Won” flags even with assistance from stadium officials, according to Insider.

The banner was first unfurled on 27 May at a game between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays, during which a Yankees security official allegedly told Mr Cini: “I got no problem with Trump. I got no problem with the Trump flag!”

Two days after the incident, Mr Cini again waved the “Trump Won” banner at Citi Field for a game between the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves, in footage on YouTube.

It shows security officials asking Mr Cini and a friend for their IDs, which they refused to hand over.

“They need your IDs because they want them because they’re going to trespass you,” an officer says. “Let them ID you and you can leave like a gentleman.”

Mr Chini is pushed by a passerby, who is then forced against a wall by police officers, and told to leave. Mr Cini, meanwhile, is freed and told not to return that night because “tomorrow is a different day”.

In a third video of the banner unfurling on Monday, Mr Cini was at Fenway Park for a game between the Boston Red Sox game and the Miami Marlins.

In the footage, he is escorted out of the stadium by Red Sox security officials, who confiscate the “Trump Won” banner.

A spokesperson for the Red Sox told WCVB Boston that Mr Cini violated a policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung from the stadium.

He wrote on Twitter that he wold file charges against the Red Sox, adding: “Peaceful protest isn’t a crime. But my big package… borderline.”

According to Insider, the banner has inspired copy cats in Florida and other states during sports games — despite Mr Trump not winning in 2020.

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