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Max Verstappen’s brutal row with dad Jos after race: 'Very angry!'

Netflix’s new series of Drive to Survive drops today, following the drama of the 2021 F1 season. Max Verstappen secured his first title in controversial fashion last year, but despite this, he is notably absent from the documentary. This comes after the Dutchman revealed he opposes what he believes are “fake” storylines that the show generates. The Red Bull star is known for his combative style both on track and in post-race media duties.

It appears he has inherited this trait from his father, Jos, who was also an F1 driver between 1994 and 2003.

As The Sun reported in December, Verstappen once commented on his relationship with his father when he was a young boy.

The Dutchman revealed that he once fell out with his father in 2012.

He was 15 at the time, when his dad kicked him out of his van as punishment for crashing in the second lap of a world championship kart race in Sarno, near Naples, Italy.

While Jos left his son at a petrol station, Verstappen junior had to be picked up by his mum, go-karting champion Sophie Kumpen, according to reports.

Recalling the row, Verstappen once said: “I should have won that race easily. On the first lap, someone overtook me and I wanted to regain my position on the next lap.

“I tried to pass on a very fast turn. He didn’t see me and we hit [each other].

“My dad worked very hard that weekend and I threw it all away. He was very angry and didn’t talk to me.

“On the way home, about five miles away, he said something to me and we ended up arguing.”

Jos also told the Daily Mail in December: “I didn’t speak to him for six or seven days. It was a big mistake he made.

“I was very angry, disappointed and he really needed to think about it, not just for an hour or two, but longer. I knew what I was doing.

“I think it helped him and shaped him. It is not my job to advise him now.

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“Jos perhaps doubted whether our team was of the level to help his son further in F1.

“I noticed this especially in the fact that Jos tapped my shoulder every day and asked: ‘Graham, what about this and what about that?’

“At one point I had to be a bit blunt and say: ‘For f***’s sake, just let the team members do their job.’

“Only when Max came to Red Bull did they tell Jos that he really had to take a step back.

“I don’t have children myself, but I can well imagine that letting go of your own son is quite difficult.”



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