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Meghan and Harry 'absolutely’ deserved to be booed during Jubilee – angry readers react

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, stepped down as working members of the Royal Family two years ago but returned for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, keeping a low-profile during their visit. On Friday, June 3, they attended the Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral to honour the Queen’s 70-year reign. This was the first time the Sussexes had publicly joined the Royal Family together since they left the Monarchy in 2020.

They were able to attend the service as it was deemed a family occasion, but while they arrived smiling and waving, crowds received them with a mix of cheers and boos.

As a result, in two separate polls, Express.co.uk readers were asked their opinions on whether they thought crowds were right to boo Meghan and Harry, and if they should make more appearances.

In one poll that ran from 11am on Friday, June 3, to 11am on Tuesday, June 7, Express.co.uk asked: “Were the crowd right to boo Harry and Meghan at the Jubilee service?”

A whopping 30,432 people voted with the dominant response being “yes”, the crowd were right to boo the Sussexes, gaining 89 percent of votes (27,229 people).

A further 10 percent (2,989 people) said “no” and just one percent (214 people) said they did not know.

In another poll that ran from 10am on Saturday, June 4, to 11am on Tuesday, June 7, Express.co.uk asked: “Would you like to see more of Meghan and Harry after [their] Jubilee appearance?”

Overall, 25,525 people responded with the overwhelming majority – 95 percent (24,099 people) – opting for “no”, they would not like to see more of the Sussexes.

Just five percent (1,336 people) said “yes”, they would like to see more of Meghan and Harry while 90 people said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left on each of the accompanying articles with readers sharing their thoughts on Meghan and Harry.

Many supported the reception Meghan and Harry received outside St Pauls’s Cathedral.

One, username pete18, said: “The general public can boo or cheer anyone they want.”

Another, username Paddy-W, said: “If the public feel angry or insulted by something, are they not entitled to show how they feel?”

Some thought that Meghan and Harry’s behaviour towards the Royal Family deserved to be booed.

Username penn2 commented “absolutely right to boo!” while username Independent Brit said they “should have done it even louder”.

The couple walked through the nave of St Paul’s Cathedral hand in hand, and Meghan was seen smiling while Harry bit his lip.

They sat in the second row from the front between Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank and Princess Margaret’s daughter Lady Sarah Chatto.

After the service Meghan and Harry chose to travel back to Frogmore Cottage instead of joining the Royal Family for luncheon at The Guildhall.

The couple were not invited to attend other events as part of the Platinum Jubilee festivities and reportedly flew back to the US on Sunday afternoon, June 5, before the Jubilee Pageant began.

Royal expert Russell Myers said on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday, June 6, that the couple might not return to the UK “in the near future”.

Mr Myers said: “So, will we see them again? I don’t think in the near future.

“I definitely still think the wounds are very raw, but like you said, all centre on the Queen, so at least they kept their end of the bargain.”

Express.co.uk readers would welcome this as they would not like the couple to make more appearances in the future.

One reader, username Delphinium, wrote: “I certainly don’t want to see them ever again.”

And username twinkletoes said: “I certainly do not want to see more of them. They should have the good grace to live the life they insisted they wanted.”



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