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Meghan and Harry stun royal fans as they watch July 4 parade with Archie

Pictures show the couple and their three-year-old son Archie watching the procession from the sidewalk among a large crowd of onlookers. Little Archie can be seen sucking on a red lollipop and holding a mini American flag as doting parents Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, sit nearby.

Harry passed for a typical American dad, wearing a tan baseball cap, grey polo shirt, shorts and sneakers, as Meghan wore a tank, jeans, huaraches sandals and topped off her look with a brown wide-brim hat.

According to the news report, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are known to fiercely guard their privacy and are rarely spotted in public – even less so with their red-headed little boy and daughter Lilibet, one.

Lilibet was not spotted at the July 4th celebration and it’s not known whether she travelled with the trio to Wyoming, where they were joined by Meghan’s Pilates instructor pal Heather Dorak and her children.

The group went completely unnoticed until 15 minutes into the two-hour parade billed locally as a ‘patriotic celebration of culture and community’, according to eagle-eyed sisters Susan Mills Echols and Deborah Mills Wall.

The siblings from Charlotte, North Carolina were in Jackson Hole as part of a road trip and had arrived at the 10am procession to find a ‘well-built’ man guarding four fold-up camping chairs.

Susan, a fourth grade teacher, told MailOnline: “We were standing nearby and this big guy told us he was saving the seats for a family. I said, Ok, that’s fine.

“And a little bit later he said it again. I asked him if he wanted us to move but he said no, no. It was all a bit strange.

“’In my mind I was thinking, what is this, is he expecting the Royal Family or something? I turned around a minute later and I saw Meghan Markle and little Archie. And then behind her came Harry.”

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