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Meghan Markle accused of 'giving Prince Harry orders' and making him 'weaker and weaker'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have accepted a prestigious human rights award for calling out “structural racism” within the Royal Family in a move branded as “disgusting” and “outrageous” by the couple’s detractors. The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights non-profit announced the Sussexes nominated the Sussexes for the award for their “heroic” stand. Royal author Angela Levin joined the litany of detractors, alleging Meghan is pulling the strings and forcing a “weaker” Harry to turn his back on his own family.

Royal author Angela Levin told GB News how “sick” she felt about the couple getting the award, saying the non-profit made a “colossal mistake” in handing the award to the Sussexes.

She said: “But it actually make me feel sick that Harry, who was close to his father until he got married, felt that he could accept money and an award for trying to prove that his family was racist with no proof – there’s zero proof. 

“It’s absolutely unthinkable. But he’s obviously doing what he’s told. He’s becoming weaker and weaker. 

“And Meghan just gives him orders, it seems, and he does it.”

Ms Levin said: “Because I don’t think any man – we’re talking about men and women here – would want to do that to his family.

“He can go away and live the life that he wants, but I don’t think you then bring up something where ther’s absolutely no evidence.”

The decision to award the Sussexes drew the ire of other royal commentators who questioned the non-profit’s motives, as allegations of racism agains the Royal Family have never been evidenced. 

Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden branded the award as “suspicious” due to the timing of the ceremony being close to a visit to the United States by the Prince and Princess of Wales. He claimed the move could take the attention away from the Waleses in favour of the Sussexes.

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Author Douglas Murray claimed the Royal Family is “not racist” and accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of providing “no evidence” to back up claims of racism within the institution. 

He told Sky News Australia: “They are being given an award, in the name of Robert Kennedy, for doing something that they haven’t done.”

Royal expert Jennie Bond warned accepting the award could make the rift with the Royal Family deeper: “It’s put the Sussexes in a rather difficult position, I think.”

Speaking to GB News, he said: “Do they say no, we don’t want to even acknowledge that you’re offering this award? Do we go and accept it in person? Perhaps the middle way of just accepting it, but not turning up, is something.”

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