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Meghan Markle sparks frenzy by teasing next podcast guests 'Excited is an understatement'

The Duchess of Sussex released on Tuesday the first episode of her new podcast series, Archetypes. Alongside this 57-minute-long debut, Meghan also published a brief audio file to introduce her show.

In the 1.35-minute long presentation of the podcast – titled Archetypes. Don’t believe the type – upcoming guests on the show are heard saying words and harmful labels with which they or other women have been addressed.

While the women speaking are not named, fans of Meghan have come together to identify who will appear in the next episodes of Archetypes.

Freelance writer and fan of the Duchess R.S. Locke wrote on Twitter a few hours after the teaser was released: “Guest Update: Twitter has made the call. That’s Issa Rae at the :54 mark. 9 of 12 guests locked in.”

The Twitter user then proceeded to name the people believed to have been heard during the audio clip as well as the already confirmed guests, writing: “Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling, Ziwe, Margaret Cho, Amanda Seales, Robin Thede, Allison Yarrow, Issa Rae.” 

In the introductory clip of the show, actress, director and producer Ms Kaling – who works with Daniel Martin, the make-up artist of choice of the Duchess – can be heard saying: “I often feel when I’m asked about imposter syndrome, where I just want to say, I think I’m supposed to say yes, but the answer’s no, because if I didn’t think I could do this job at this point, I have to be like clinically unconfident.”

Another guest, identified by some fans of Meghan as actress Margaret Cho, can be heard saying: “Well, Dragon Lady really comes from this sort of fantasy of Orientalism.”

Another person the Duchess’ fans believe to have identified in the clip is Robin Thede. 

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In the clip, the comedian appeared to discuss the use of a sexist slur and the different connotations it can have depending on who says it.

This potential list of guests sparked a frenzy, with many saying to be excited to hear Prince Harry’s wife speaking with these A-listers and authors.

Twitter user @ibeezdressing wrote: “This is such a great guest list and there’s still three more we don’t know of yet! Excited is an understatement.”

Another, @queen_moinya, wrote: “Absolutely tuning in now!!” 


@lareine94943111 said: “So excited for my favourite Princess!!!”

And @duchessofsusse3 said: “This is a good a** line up. I can’t wait for Mariah, Amanda Seales, Robin Thede, and Issa.”

Another Twitter user @roxy_johnson96, wrote they may have identified yet another guest, saying US comedian and host Iliza Shlesinger could be the person speaking towards the end of the clip.

The Twitter user wrote: “The person at the end sounds just like Iliza Shlesinger!! ‘Sipping on ice coffee, where r u’ sounds just like her. 

“If it’s her on #Archetypes, it’s gonna be a funny episode as well.”

The guest referred to by this Twitter user can be heard saying in the clip: “You hear that? Now what, I am sipping on an iced coffee in an underground studio with a Duchess, where are you?”

The first guest to join Meghan’s podcast was tennis champion Serena Williams who, in an episode titled The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams, discussed the negative connotation the word ambition often acquires when attributed to women.

During their discussion, the two friends also spoke about Williams’ decision to retire from professional tennis and how the sports star worded her announcement. 

They also touched on the topic of motherhood and how they both enjoy being mums.

At the end of this episode, produced and released only for Spotify, the Duchess signed off saying: “I can’t wait to chat with you again next week, when we hear from the one and only… Mariah Carey!

“Ahh! It’s a really good one! We’ll see you guys next week, thanks for joining me! As ever, I’m Meghan.”  



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