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Microplastics found in 80% of people's blood – how to limit dangerous exposure

“To keep these to a minimum, don’t heat or reheat your food in plastic containers, avoid bottled drinks, switch to wooden and metal utensils, buy loose fruit and vegetables, and use sponges and brushes made from natural materials.” 


A common alternative to expensive fabrics, the likes of polyester, acrylic and nylon hide microplastics in the very fibres of your clothes. 

The expert said: “These synthetic fibres are in constant contact with your skin and can even become airborne, entering your body. 

“Household appliances like your washing machine and tumble dryer exacerbate this problem by shaking microplastic particles loose from your clothes. In fact, tumble dryers can disperse up to 40 times more microplastic into the air than a washing machine.”

The answer? Check the clothing labels before you make a purchase.



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