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Mid-flight horror as passengers desperately try to 'hold plane door closed'

The aircraft, an Embraer 110 Bandeirante, had been flying from Jordao in west Brazil to Rio Branco, the state capital of Acre. The flight, reportedly operated by Rio Branco Aerotaxi, had taken off from Jordao at 12.30pm before landing at 2pm. Without notice during the flight, the door of the aircraft appeared to open, with the handle flying into one of the engine propellers.

Remarkable images of the incident show passengers clinging onto the door in an attempt to keep it shut during the ordeal.

Passengers held on to the door until the plane managed to land safely.

No passengers or crew were reported to have been injured during the horrific incident.

In spite of the emergency, passengers appeared calm and collected onboard the small aircraft, often used by military and commercial operators.

The type can hold anywhere between 15 to 21 passengers and has a range of around 1,220 miles.

Images of the incident were shared online and quickly distributed around local media news outlets before becoming globally viral.

Reports from passengers onboard the aircraft suggest the door came loose after one of the supporting cables holding it in place broke.

They said another passenger got up and together with a man, as can be seen in the footage, they joined together and kept the door closed.

They reportedly held the door for 20 minutes, with the pilot shutting down the left engine after the door’s handrail hit the propeller.

March 29 – On this day: 45 years since the Tenerife airport disaster

There have multiple incidents involving the type.

Since its entry into service in the 1970s, hundreds of passengers have died from the multiple crashes sustained by the aircraft.

The latest fatal flight was in 2013.

The aircraft, operated by Batair Cargo, registration ZS-NVB, en route from Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg for Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, crashed while attempting to land in Francistown, Botswana.

The pilots had planned to land and refuel but the thick mist on the ground caused them to miss the landing strip on their first pass.

They called into the control tower to notify them they would make a second pass because they could see the landing strip but never did.

The wreckage was found two hours later about 10 km from the airport.

The plane crashed with no survivors.



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