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Mike Tindall ‘yearned for a boy’ – ‘his wishes were beautifully fulfilled’ with baby Lucas

“‘I’d like a boy this time, I’ve got two girls, I would like a boy. I’ll love it whether a boy or a girl, but please be a boy.’

“This strongly suggests he so wished for a boy. He had dreams where he was possibly mapping out everything he’d do with his boy – ‘I’ll do this and that with the boy when he’s this age, when this age I’ll take him here or there’ – possibly even dreaming of them two having rugby drills,” the expert noted.

Angela added: “I think his wishes were beautifully and bountifully fulfilled when baby Lucas arrived.

“We look forward to seeing all those dreams Mike had in mind play out physically as his boy grows.”

Zara Is a bit of a tomboy, and even represented Team GB in the 2012 London Olympics, winning a silver medal.



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