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Millions of Sky customers face shock new fee TODAY as new rule comes into force

Anyone using Sky’s Mobile service is facing a controversial new fee from today with the company now charging customers when they head abroad. Until now, most of Sky Mobile’s contracts included free EU data roaming which allowed users to make calls, surf the web and send texts without seeing anything extra added to their bills. However, that’s all changed from today, May 3, with Sky Mobile now charging customers a flat fee of £2 per day to use their UK allowance when in Europe.

This unpopular update means a family of four could face a bill of £112 if heading away to places such as Spain, France or Italy for a two-week break.

Explaining more about its charges, Sky said: “In your destination, you can access your UK data, calls and texts plan for £2 for 24 hours with our Roaming Passport Plus pass.

“The £2 pass activates automatically when you’re in one of the Roaming Passport Plus destinations and you make a call or send a text (SMS) or use data (10MB or more a day). We’ll text when the 24-hour period has started and again when it’s coming to an end, so you can decide what you want to do next. If you don’t want to pay another £2 charge, you could turn off data roaming and mobile data when you get the text.”

Although it’s bad for those heading to Europe there is some better news if travelling to long-haul destinations with Sky Mobile reducing the price of its Roaming Passport Plus option from £6 to £2 per day.

Roaming Passport Plus is available to users travelling to areas such as the USA, UAE and South Africa.

Sky Mobile now joins most of the other big networks including EE, Vodafone and Three who have all announced the return of roaming charges.

EE and Vodafone both revived this fee earlier this year with these networks also now charging a flat fee of £2 per day to use your UK allowance in Europe. To ease the bill shock slightly, Vodafone offers the option to buy roaming in advance which drops the price to just £1 per day.

Three customers are next to be hit by the changes. Right now, Three customers can use their devices for free in over 71 destinations, including the US and Australia, but users affected by the changes from May 23 will see a £2 per day fee added when in the EU and a £5 charge when heading further afield.




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