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‘Minimises the problem’: The ‘easiest’ way to remove clover weeds from your lawn in spring

Some gardeners don’t mind the creeping plants, also known as trefoils, with their pretty white, pink, or yellow flowers and trifoliate leaves. But, for those who prefer their lawns to be weed-free, it can be one of the trickier intruders to eradicate, with many herbicides falling short. Luckily, there are some easy ways to get rid of weeds, according to gardening experts.

To be able to remove weeds from your lawn it is essential to know how to keep grass healthy.

David Hedges Gower, the founder of the Lawn Association explained how clover is normally a sign of a poorly maintained lawn. 

This is because it particularly thrives in nitrogen-poor ground.

There are, however, some simple steps you can take to improve the conditions of your turf and the soil beneath.

David said: “Check the pH and see if it’s suitable to be growing grass.’’

In most cases, the optimal level is between 6.0 and 7.0.

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In more invaded areas, gardeners may just wish to remove whole areas of lawn and replace it with fresh turf.

Letting your grass grow a little longer can help to eradicate this weed.

David said: “Keep the mower on a setting of around 1in–1.4in (25–35mm) to help the turf gain strength and block out light for the clover.”

If the weed is widespread, rake the turf first to lift stems before mowing, according to the RHS.

They said: “Remember to always use a grass box on the mower to minimise spreading seeds around and worsening the problem.”

It’s understandable that most want to remove any signs of weeds from their lawns, but some may want to leave it be.

David added: “Simply leave it alone to thrive and become a green haven, even in times of drought.

“It can be very obtrusive, but to many, it can be loved.”



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