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Miracle as missing boy, eight, found in a sewer after disappearing for over a week

The child reportedly disappeared on Friday, June 17 from his parents’ home in Oldenburg, Germany. A vast police investigation was launched to locate the young boy named Joe. The search went on for eight days. Then, on Saturday, June 25, someone heard a whimpering sound coming from a storm sewer underground as they were walking on the street. They immediately alerted the police.

Crews from the city’s fire and rescue service, as well as an emergency doctor rushed to the scene.

Little Joe was rescued from inside of the sewer in the city’s Donnerschwee district, and was taken to the hospital where he is now recovering, according to Zenger News.

A statement from the Oldenburg Police Directorate said: “Eight-year-old Joe was missing for over a week but he has now been located.”

Police chief Johann Kuehme is quoted as saying: “Thanks to a tip from the public, we were able to find Joe in a sewer system today.

“The most important thing is that he is alive and was immediately taken to a hospital where he is in good hands. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.”

The police statement also said: “Not only were many police officers from a wide variety of police departments across the country involved in the search efforts over the past few days, but many police officers also volunteered in their free time to support the search for Joe.”

An eyewitness of the rescue operation told local media: “I saw how the boy was carefully pulled out of the hole, a helper calmed him down.

“I didn’t know it was Joe. He looked unharmed. I can’t believe he was in there and alive!”

And an unnamed neighbour reportedly told local media: “A rescuer calmed the child down. He looked unharmed.

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