Miriam Margolyes calls Boris Johnson ‘clown’ and anti-vaxxers ‘nuts’ on Good Morning Britain

Margolyes, 79, appeared on the ITV show via a video link from her home in Italy, where she criticised Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and those who oppose the coronavirus vaccination.

Despite being on the show for a brief time, Margolyes – who is known for her zaniness – refused to hold back to the joy of viewers.

“Of course one must have the vaccine,” she told co-host Susanna Reid: “Those anti-vaxxers are nuts. They need their heads seen to.”

She continued: “I’m hoping that I get a vaccine as soon as possible. I’ll be 80 in May and i may be able to have it in Italy before I come [back], but I’m not coming to England until it’s safe to go.

“You’ve got that clown in charge there that I didn’t vote for, and I’m holding him responsible,” she said.

Elsewhere, when describing Trump, she said that he “ends with ‘hole’ [and] starts with ‘A’”.

One viewer reacted to her appearance by stating: “Miriam Margolyes is gold in human form. The woman is wonderful.”

“Miriam Margolyes should be running this country,” another added.

One stated: “Called Trump an a**hole and Johnson a clown. Finger on the pulse there.”

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