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'Mischievous' Camilla hailed as 'Royal Family's secret weapon' after documentary

The Duchess stars in Camilla’s Country Life, an ITV documentary, in which viewers see Camilla become guest editor of Country Life magazine and get a glimpse into her private life.

Camilla’s Country Life follows the royal as she guest edited this month’s issue to mark her 75th birthday on Sunday and the 125th anniversary of the magazine.

Cameras filmed the Duchess attending an exhibition in Manchester which showed photos of domestic abuse survivors, visiting the Grand National, toured her grandparents’ former Hampshire manor and attending the Royal Cornwall Show.

When asked during the one-hour special what guidance she would offer her younger self, Camilla said: “Well, I think I’d remember what my parents, the advice they gave me, which is try and be considerate of others.

“I think that’s a very important thing to learn in life… and I think, you know, I’d give the same advice to my children and my grandchildren.”

In a four-star review from the Telegraph, Anita Singh said the show proves Camilla is “the Royal secret weapon”.

She said: “These are trying times for the Royal family, what with You-Know-Who and That-Couple-Over-There.

“Thank goodness for the Duchess of Cornwall, who has turned out to be the Firm’s secret weapon.

“‘Camilla’s Country Life’ was a portrait of the Duchess in public and private.

“She came across as a jolly decent person with a mischievous sense of fun, and someone who is as normal as it’s possible to be given her status.”

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In one scene, Camilla and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, discuss how they worked together to create the cover of the future Queen Consort’s Country Life magazine.

Royal fans were in awe of the clip, posted on Clarence House’s Twitter, with user Lin Bowdery calling it a “brilliant program”.

User J Turner added: “Really enjoyed the programme and could have quite happily watched another episode.

“I have bought a copy of the magazine, never read it before but it looked very interesting.”

Another user, @JulieAitken20, said: “The pictures are fab and it is so nice to hear of their relationship as Mother-in -Law/ Daughter-in-Law, just like thousands of us.

“Brings some kind of normality to the highest placed of families.”


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Speaking to The Australian Women’s Weekly, Camilla spoke about being the future Queen Consort, and praised Prince Philip for setting an example on how to support a monarch as a spouse.

She said: “I learned that your place is several feet behind the monarch. You’re there as a backup.”

She also spoke about learning public speaking, saying she was so “petrified” the night before she was due to give her first speech at an international conference.

She said: “I was out of bed tying my sheets together to see if I could escape and go home.

“I’m never going to enjoy it. My husband is very good; he loves it. Because he’s a very good actor, I think. You’ve got to have a bit of acting experience.

“I was the worst actor in the whole school. If I was given one line to say, it always came out backward. So I think speeches … no, they’re never going to be my favourite things.”



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