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'Monarchy diminishes nation' Radio caller in brutal monarchy attack as Queen ends Jubilee

The monarchy has been criticised in a brutal clash on LBC radio as a republican caller claimed the Royal Family leads “inequality” across the country. The debate arose as callers discussed their views on the Royal Family as the Platinum Jubilee weekend draws to an end. The caller confessed she had not participated in any bank holiday Platinum Jubilee events as she argued the UK needed to “grow up” and move away from the monarchy. Speaking to LBC host Camilla Tominey, the caller said: “I think that this country should grow up, we should all grow up and become a republic.”

She boldly advocated for an end to a royal head of state in the UK, as she outlined her clear support for a national transition to republican rule.

The caller continued: “We should become citizens, we shouldn’t be subjects.

“If you didn’t have a monarchy, you wouldn’t have a group of people who are condoning inequality by birth.

“The thing that holds this country back, when you go abroad to lots of other countries, like Canada, they recognise it as this class system and the monarchy are the pinnacle of the class system in this country.”

Ms Tominey questioned the point made by the caller regarding international criticism of the Royal Family.

The LBC host highlighted that Canada still has the Queen as their own head of state and the country’s Government appears largely supportive of the monarch.

In a statement surrounding the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Prime Minister of Canada said: “This historic milestone invites us to pay tribute to Her Majesty’s lifetime of committed service to Canada, the Commonwealth, and its citizens.”

Justin Trudeau, who is also leader of the Liberal party, continued: “Over the course of her reign, Her Majesty has been a constant presence in the life of Canadians, offering steadfast leadership in times of change, hardship, or uncertainty.”

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The fiery statements of the caller come as the Queen’s weekend of Platinum Jubilee celebrations comes to an end.

The nation came together to join celebrations as thousands flocked to the capital to see the Royal Family and millions more joined in local events and street parties.

Despite the claims of the caller, datas from Statista suggests roughly 61%  of the population support the monarchy and Queen as head of state.

In comparison, only 24% backed the idea of an elected head of state, independent of the Government.



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