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Monty Don shares how to plant potatoes now for ‘tasty’ summer harvest

Monty Don, best known for his role on Gardeners’ World, has shared a plethora of gardening tips and tricks throughout his career. Coming into the spring months, the expert has recommended gardeners plant their potatoes in his blog for April. How can you plant potatoes at home?

Early potatoes are so-called because they are the earliest to harvest, in June and July.

Second earlies take a couple more weeks to mature and tend to be ready to harvest from July.

Late season potatoes, also known as main crop, are the ones gardeners can sow now.

They can take 16 to 22 weeks to mature, meaning they should be ready to harvest between August and October.

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“Earthing up potatoes provides some protection to tubers.

“Try blight resistant cultivars or stick to earlier which are usually harvested before blight strikes.”

Monty Don also recommended sowing other varieties of food this month, including rocket.

He wrote: “Rocket seeds are biggish and reasonably easy to handle so I now sprinkle two or three per plug, wait until at least two germinate successfully and then ruthlessly thin down to one healthy seedling.

“These can then be grown on and hardened off until they are about two or three inches tall before planting out a six inch spacing.

“You can easily sow them direct but they will still need fierce thinning as widely spaced plants are much healthier, give a bigger harvest and last longer.

“Rocket does not like very hot weather and needs rich soil with plenty of water to be at its best. A damp spring and cool autumn suit it admirably.

“By the middle of May the plants are starting to bolt and flower, growing a thick hairy stem with fewer and much hotter leaves.”



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