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More pressing issues! Britons fume at Boris Partygate outrage when world 'on brink of war'

With the situation in Russia and Ukraine reaching boiling point, Government ministers have repeatedly highlighted the notion that the world must focus its attention on the escalating crisis. This sentiment has been reflected by Britons who agree that until the Sue Gray report is published, more pressing issues must be addressed by the Government to ensure security for the UK, Europe and the wider global arena.

Sharing their thoughts, Express.co.uk readers continued the debate.

Jock-the-Scot said: “The world’s on the brink of war and all the ppposition parties have to bring to the table is the foolish drinks parties at no 10.

“To be honest there are currently much more pressing issues for the house to discuss than political point-scoring by the opposition’s benches.”

Backing up the opinion, UK Rules said: “We’re in the worst global pandemic since Spanish Flu, on the verge of WW3, and the media is doing everything to oust our democratically-elected PM over a cake.”

Pino72u said: “Labour receive cash of the Chinese, yes the people who started the pandemic. The world is on the brink of war.

“However here in the UK, the most important story out there is some gathering/party in Downing Street. Fed by the opposition parties and our pathetic media.”

T4 Dudes reminded people of their own breaches of COVID-19 lockdown rules.

He said: “How many were on Bournemouth beach during the lockdown in June 2020??

“Frontpage on nearly all MSM papers… Hypocrites the lot of them!

“Russia has been moving troops to Ukraine since November but Remainers and Captain Hindsight too ignorant to focus on anything other than Boris Bashing.”

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Discussing more local issues, Jpou8463 said: “Why don’t they talk about something more important, like the binmen forgetting to take Mrs Jonses recycling this morning, I’m fed up to the back teeth listening to the partying in Downing Street, and all the backstabbing in the government.”

Raising concerns about serious issues at home as crime rates increase, Neil666 said: “I wonder how many police are being taken off investigating everyday stabbings in London to investigate Boris’s 10 min birthday do?”

Speaking of the sentiment within the Conservative Party, Hindsight said: “These ‘rebellious’ Tory backbenchers ought to remember that it was Boris that got them their jobs and that the so-called, Red Wall voted for Boris, not the Tories.”

LondonDarren said: “The Labour administration in Bradford removed from any child services!

“The media are too busy reporting about cake!”

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With the Sue Gray report believed to be made available today, the Prime Minister, as well as a host of others have requested that the inquiry be made public before any decisions are made.

In the meantime, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, hammered home the point that the UK must heavily focus on the situation in Ukraine, and pile pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Asked on Sky News whether the Russian president may be targeted individually, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said ministers are “not ruling anything out”.

She also said the new legislation will be introduced to make Britain’s sanctions regime tougher “so we are able to target more companies and individuals in Russia”.

Ms Truss added: “We are urging Russia to desist from an incursion and we’re making it very clear that if they were to do that there would be a severe economic cost to Russia – severe sanctions.”

Defensive weapons and economic support are being supplied to Ukraine, she said.



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