Mum shares the 'absolutely life-changing' tip helping her to pay off £38,000 debt

“I wanted to know what the number was, and in some ways, I wanted to desensitise myself from it,” she adds. “I think knowing the exact position you’re in makes it all the more real. From that, you can draw a line and make a plan.”

Yasmine says she’s been really surprised to discover how many people struggle with debt in the UK after speaking out about it on her channel.

She got into debt when she was with her children’s father but has had to start budgeting since becoming a single parent.

“Budgeting has been absolutely life changing for me,” she says. “I think with having been in a long-term relationship with my children’s father, and with both of us working and having a reasonable income between us, it wasn’t something I ever had to think about.”

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