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‘Must do all we can to help BAR starting WW3’ Ukraine no-fly zone splits opinion

In a poll that ran from 9am on Monday, March 7, to 11am on Tuesday, March 8, asked: “Do you think NATO should enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine?” A total of 4,173 people responded, with a lively debate on the topic held in the comments section below the accompanying article.

Overall, voters were torn as 49 percent (2,028) said “yes” NATO should enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine while a further 49 percent (2,038) of voters said “no”. 

In addition to this split vote, 107 people – two percent – said they didn’t know. 

A no-fly zone would help protect Ukraine from Russian missiles and bombing, but would also mean that Western troops would have to take an active role in the conflict.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged NATO countries to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine but so far they have stopped short of the request, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisting that it is not something that is being considered.

In the comments left in the discussion below’s poll, it is clear that readers feel strongly for both sides of the argument.

Username Servative said: “No, absolutely not. It would be the start of World War 3.”

And username ja50 wrote: “Unfortunately Putin would take that as a declaration of war and then WW3 with all its horrors would begin. 

“NATO is supposed to be a defensive alliance but entering and enforcing a no-fly zone would involve shooting down Russian aircraft and thus hostilities between the West and Russia would begin in earnest and no one wants that.

“We must do all we can to assist Ukraine bar starting WW3.”

Username Curt22 said: “A no-fly zone will be catastrophic. If a no-fly zone was implemented and enforced, all European and NATO countries are going to be getting involved in direct conflict. 

“Everyone knows what a No-fly zone will bring to the world. The consequences will be devastating.”

And username mary05 wrote: “YES, the Ukraine Government as a free country has asked for help.

“It is the duty of the free world to help them with what they need. There are enough planes to escort Russian planes without firing on them.

“The West and all free nations need to step up to the plate.”

Username Virago agreed and said: “The United Nations should coordinate and arrange the no-fly zone. Contributions should come from NATO and others. This is a humanitarian issue.”

While username Caribidus wrote: “Whilst the situation regarding NATO and the request from Ukraine for a no-fly zone seems a good idea, unfortunately this would provoke the Kremlin even more. 

“However, at the moment there appears to be very little in the way of aircraft ‘bombing’ Ukraine.

“All we can pray is that the Ukrainians can carry on thwarting the Russians with conventional warfare.

“But to be honest, until the Russian people get rid of their despot, then there will always be the risk of the mad man ordering nuclear strikes.”

And username yEUck said: “A no-fly zone means we’re in conflict with Russian jets and that leads to being at war with them.

“So we cannot enforce a no-fly zone, but we should give the Ukrainians everything they need to do it for themselves.”



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